Validate a Lunch Subscription Service

7th May 2021 in Portfolio

Who Was This Built For?

talabat is a food delivery platform that helps people conveniently get their favorite foods and groceries from more than 27,000 brands across 8 different countries.

What Did We Build?

Our minimum viable product launch on talabat

Smart lunch first launched as a collection of restaurants on talabat. It helped busy professionals to access a large variety of lunch dishes at a very affordable price.

Onboarding users to smart lunch

As orders grew to AED 50k in monthly revenue, we created a few simple screens to tell users about the service and the subscription.

Why Did We Build it?

Unlike Singapore where most offices have easy access to multiple food options, the Emirate of Dubai doesn't have that same convenience. Restaurants are often spread further apart and the city layout isn't conducive for walking.

We wanted to help busy office workers:

  1. Save time by pre-ordering their lunch from a wide selection of brands
  2. Save money by offering lunch at a flat rate of just AED 25

For talabat, delivering dozens of meals to a single company address at a fixed time slot represented a big potential to optimize cost.

How Did We Do It?

The idea for a lunch subscription service isn't new and Lunch:On had been in the UAE for 4 years. We saw an opportunity to capture market share by offering the same service to our existing customers.

We started by running a smoke test to gauge market size and followed this with a survey that helped us to rank several value propositions.

As we started approaching companies, we also built a landing page that they could share with their employees to further gather interest in the service.

To launch smart lunch, we combined the pre-order and restaurant timing features on talabat while initially partnering with Kitopi, a cloud kitchen who had many brands in a single location, to simplify our operations.

Keen to learn more?

Just as we were about to launch in March 2020, the rampage of Covid upended our assumptions for a corporate lunch service as employees were told to work from home.

This led to the need for reassessing our initial value propositions and we pivoted towards communities and individual users for our launch. If you are keen to hear the rest of the story, you can reach out to me below 👇