Remake a Fintech Service

25th March 2020 in Portfolio

Who Was This Built For?

Wecash is a big data credit assessment platform which transforms the financing experience for more than 60 million users in Asia.

What Did We Build?

In Indonesia, the Wecash brand is TunaiKita. Our team rebuilt the registration, application, disbursement, and repayment user experience from the ground up.

We also worked closely with legal, compliance, partnerships, underwriting, data science, finance, and collections to align our processes in this redesign.

Why Did We Build it?

The core problem Wecash solves for consumers is fast, flexible access to financing.

After 2 years of rapid expansion, new features and flows piled on top of each other caused user experience debt to stack up. This strays from our original value to users.

An average of 5 sections with 10 fields per section during sign up

How Did We Do It?

Application is just half the user's flow. As the rest of our service involved cash collections and physical collection (in certain scenarios), we mapped out our processes and systems on a service blueprint.

Service blueprint

In parallel, we combed through funnel data to identify the biggest bottlenecks and run experiments to create a frictionless experiment for users.

After 4 iterations over 3 months, our conversion rates improved by 50%.

Keen To Learn More?

This portfolio entry was meant to give a quick introduction to this project.

If you are curious about the product strategy, business model, and more, you can read my post on Fintech or drop me a message below๐Ÿ‘‡