Product-Led Growth

24th March 2020 in Portfolio

Who Was This Built For?

TradeGecko is an inventory management platform that helps small and medium enterprises to build the business of their dreams.

What Did We Build?

Personalized User Flow

Our personalized onboarding helps business customers save time and uncertainty in using TradeGecko as soon as possible by:

  1. Understanding their core problem
  2. Providing clear, guided steps to realize value

Why Did We Build It?

The first challenge most fast growing eCommerce and wholesale businesses face is saving time spent on operations to continue focusing on expansion.

While most of the company concentrated on solving deeper problems for existing customers, our new users were simply left behind.

Account Setup Funnel

The 72% drop off in account setup was because new users had to figure out which features would solve their immediate pain.

How Did We Build It?

Since it is much harder to interview new users about their setup experience, we approached this problem with high-tempo testing.

Design Sprint Ideation

Relying heavily on data-informed decisions and shipping small experiments, our team's weekly cadence was:

  1. Ideate
  2. Prioritize
  3. Develop
  4. Report
  5. Learn

Through the course of more than 20 experiments, we improved engagement with features across the whole product and also improved our day 1 retention for 14% of users.

Keen To Learn More?

This portfolio entry was meant to give a quick introduction to this project.

If you are curious about the product strategy, business model, and more, you can read my medium post about product-led growth or drop me a message below๐Ÿ‘‡