Learning About Specialty Coffee

23rd March 2020 in Portfolio

What Did I Learn?

The core principle of making coffee boils down to balancing extraction and strength:

  1. Extraction - % of coffee compounds pulled out from the bean
  2. Strength ย - % of coffee compounds that makes up your cup
Brew Control Chart By The Atlantic

Follow the chart! Sounds simple right?

Well you also need to consider your brew method... along with at least 6 other factors.

The more you explore, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. Currently, I rotate between espresso, pour over, Aeropress, and cold brew.

Clockwise: Aeropress, V60, Espresso Based, Cold Brew

Not to mention buying beans of different origins from all over the world when I travel. I confess to being a coffee hoarder at some point.

Beans From Hawaii, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam

And then hosting coffee courses on Airbnb as a way to share knowledge while helping to finish up my coffee!

Airbnb Experience On Coffee

I even took up a full course certified by the Specialty Coffee Association which introduced me to roasting and cupping.

Roasting Class By BttrBarista

Why Did I Learn It?

It actually took me awhile to get interested in coffee.

I was used to a cup in the morning and also got an espresso machine as a present when I moved to my own place.

But it stopped there. I made espresso on the weekends and that was it (see feeble attempt below)

My Weekend Cappuccino's

The tipping point came when my work saw me travel frequently to the top coffee producing countries in Asia.

With weekends spent getting caffeinated at several speciality coffee joints, I began my journey down the rabbit hole... The rest, as they say, is history.

Chats About Coffee With Thai from 96B

Keen To Learn More?

If you want to hear more about this story and where it has led me, drop me a message below๐Ÿ‘‡