Learning About Data

23rd March 2020 in Portfolio

What Did I Learn?

The core principle of data analytics is distinguishing signal from noise. There are 2 parts to this:

  1. Discovering signals
  2. Knowing which signals are meaningful

The user flow below is just one example of signal discovery.

I was also excited to apply this knowledge to build a churn prediction model at TradeGecko.

Visualizing User Onboarding Patterns

To look at data in different ways and come up with new insights, requires a toolkit that is both broad and deep.

I spent countless hours outside work going through statistics textbooks, online courses, and exploring data.

Most Popular Textbooks On Data

As a Sociology major, this knowledge was completely alien to me.

So I took up a full 10 course specialization in Data Science that was offered by John Hopkins University.

John Hopkins Data Science Specialization

Then there are the tools. If you get a kick from learning new things, try going into data analytics; it will be a playground.

Data Analytics Programming Languages

Why Did I Learn It?

In university, my coursework was mainly focused on making meaning from qualitative insights (small data).

Been curious about the grass on the other side of the fence, I took up a statistics class during my graduating year.

This sparked my curiosity in understanding patterns from bigger datasets and before you know it, I was learning computer science from Scratch (yes, the cat)

Scratch Programming

Keen To Learn More?

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