Hi there,
I'm Lucas Neo.

Growing companies by
building great products is my core focus.

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Growth stories here 👇

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Just want to know me better?

☝️ First Principles

I believe in applying first principles to life.

Boil a situation down to it's fundamental parts;
Then build up from there.


#1 Focus on outcomes.

Tasks for the sake of output is a terrible waste.
I build my day around core objectives.

"What is the one thing I should be doing
that will make everything else easy or unnecessary?"


#2 Relationships matter.

Work and life usually intertwine.
I embrace it and bring my whole self to work.


#3 The body is the temple of the mind.

Keeping fit improves my focus and sharpens thoughts.
Bouldering and running are my 2 favorite sports.

Reach-out-to-me things.

I write.
I chat.
I code.

Feel free to reach out to me!