Iā€™m Lucas Neo,
a Product Manager
in South East Asia.

I write about Product Management, South East Asia, and First Principles.
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And here's my Product life-cycle šŸ‘‡

2019 to Present: Growing šŸ“ˆ

Scaling at Wecash, a company enabling middle-income financial inclusion in SEA.

I joined to help launch the product in Vietnam.
Later on, I shifted to focus on scaling the funnel across the region.
First in Indonesia and then in Vietnam.

2015 to 2018: Learning šŸ“š

Learning fast at TradeGecko, a digital platform which helps entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

A Sociology graduate stepping into the world of tech,
I taught myself data analysis and basic machine learning.

Interested to actively solve problems, I first learned to improve products by optimizing conversion. Later on, I led the Intelligence product line.